Literary Vacation Club is On Hold

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I have been so impressed with quality of this subscription box.

Thank you Ashley for all the time you put in; greatly appreciated.

Jenna, Australia

“Time Travel” is the first mailing I received and I LOVE IT!! There is so much love and care put into this subscription! It’s more than I could have ever asked for! Thank you Ashley for a wonderful and brightening package! I initially signed up because it benefits NAMI, which I totally stand behind as I am bipolar, have severe PTSD and major anxiety issues. This is a superb subscription! Thank you again, 

Jolene, Oregon

I feel like it's Christmas morning every month when my Literary Vacation Club box arrives! It's a great value, as these are often books I would have never found myself. Ashley has great taste. She often includes extra treats and handwritten notes, and the customer service is wonderful.

Alix, Texas